Cypriot food represents a large part of the unique culture of Cyprus. Cyprus is studded with restaurants offering authentic traditional Cypriot cuisine that also offer great value for money. Over the years the culinary offerings of Cyprus have grown along with the demand for them. Not only is this demand from the residents of Cyprus but also from the many tourists that visit the island each year.

The restaurants that were first found on the island were local in nature and offered local dishes such as Cypriot Kebab and Meze. Due to the growth of the international community, there is a larger demand for family orientated restaurants that offer various types of local and international dishes.

European cuisine and Asian cuisine are now widely available on the island. However, there are many local and typical Middle Eastern specialties on offer that can be enjoyed in both the hotels and restaurants. The welcome in the top class restaurants is one of warmth and friendliness but this welcome is even more evident in the local Cyprus Restaurants where your palate will be delighted with the local cuisine. There are numerous restaurants across the island of every nationality that cater for all tastes and budgets.